Monday, June 22, 2009

real estate counseling

real Estate "counselors" are in the business of giving advice about property.unlike the investment advisory firms employed by institutional investors, counselors are the experts that small, noninstitutional , investors often seek when answers to real estate questions are required. counselors must know every phase of real estate business because they use knowledge in nearly every consultation. the services they offer include counseling regarding acquisitions and dispositions,alternative uses,market and feasibility studies, industrial relocation, litigation,land use,mediation,arbitration, tenant representation,workouts,and more.There are relatively few brokers specializing in counseling, but the field will grow as investors and owners realize the value of expert advice in developing, acquiring,managing,and disposing of commercial property. Unlike real estate brokers,counselors who belong to the Counselors of real estate do not work on a commission basis. Rather they collect a fixed fee for services or work at an hourly rate.the Counselors of real estate ( represent the professional consulting affiliate of the National Association of Realtors, offering the CRE designation.

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