Sunday, June 28, 2009

Financial statement and financial reporting

Financial are the principle means through which financial information is communicated to those outside an enterprise.
The main financial statements are:
1- The balance sheet
2- The income statement
3- The statement of cash flow
4- The statement of changes in owner's equity
Appropriate footnote disclosures are an integral part of each of these four basic financial statements.
But some financial information is better provided, or can be provided, or can be provided only, by means of financial reporting other than formal financial statements, either because it is required by authoritative pronouncement , regulatory rule, or custom, or because management wishes to disclose it voluntarily. Financial reporting other than financial statement (and related footnotes) may take various forms and relate to various forms and relate to various matters. Common examples are contained in corporate annual reports filed with government agencies, news releases, management's forecasts or plan or expectations, and descriptions of an enterprise is social or environmental impact.
The primary but not exclusive focus of this textbook is on the development of financial information that is reported in the basic financial statement and related disclosures.

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