Saturday, June 20, 2009

market and feasibility Analysis for real estate

most real estate development projects and many real estate appraisal assignments require supporting market research.development projects usually also require an economic and financial feasibility analysis. this type of research may be offered by a variety of firms,including sophisticated appraisal firms,accounting or consulting.while the type of firm can vary,the qualifications of the researchers will be similar. they usually will have a degree in economic geography,economics,or a closely related field. Often they will have an MBA or master is degree in economic,real estate,or geography.
with the exception of real estate practices of large accounting firms,the firms providing market research and feasibility analysis are structured similarly to appraisal firms and tend to be compensated in the same manner. they will be paid on fee basis rather than a commission. Real estate researchers may need to be familiar with several kinds of quantitative tools,including a general Knowledge of computers, geographic information system(GIS),multivariate statistical analysis, and database all real estate consulting and advisory services,the typical market researcher works out of the office a substantial portion of the time,in contact with other persons of the real estate industry.

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