Friday, June 19, 2009

real estate attorney

real estate attorneys play important roles in real estate and real estate finance, including drafting documents,assisting with the contracts of individual financing, and handing the complex problem of default. the following excerpt describes their broad role in the industry:
Real estate lawyers act as advisers to those who are buying or selling property, or to those involved in other matters related to real estate. they help process much of the paperwork involved in land transfers or other real estate transactions. attorneys provide counsel to clients regarding their legal rights and obligations, and may suggest specific courses of action in buying or selling property or handling related matters. In this role. they research the intent of relevant laws and judicial decisions, and then apply the law to their client is specific circumstances and needs...Real estate lawyers spend the majority of their time outside the courtroom. they conduct research , meet with clients, process documents and assess the legal positions of their clients in terms of the situation at hand while some attorneys specialize entirely in real estate, others make it a segment of their practice . in both cases, further specialization is possible... real estate attorneys work with a great variety of people..they.. interact with other professionals involved in real estate business including appraisers,real estate agents and brokers, mortgage loan officers, tax attorneys, and other specialists.
Like all attorneys, those who practice in real estate must have the requisite law school training,and must be admitted to the bar in the states where they practice.

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