Saturday, June 20, 2009

How large is the U.S. commercial real estate market ?

before discussing the roles and importance of the various real estate owners and the lenders, it is important to emphasize that commercial real estate players a significant role in the U.s. (and other) economies. the estimated market value of investable commercial real estate(as of September 2002) is $4.6 trillion. to put this into perspective, this $4.6 trillion estimate along with the market value of other asset classes in U.S. capital market. Exchange-traded corporate equities (stock) is the dominant asset class with a total stock market capitalization of $13.3 trillion. with an estimated market value of approximately $12,. trillion,owner-occupied housing rivals the corporate equity market in size. Corporate and foreign bonds and U.S. government securities provide investors with an additional $5.9 trillion and $5.5 trillion,respectively,in investable asset. At $4.6 trillion in market value,commercial real estate compares favorably in size to the corporate bond and government securities markets;moreover,it is approximately three times the size of both the municipal securities and commercial paper market.clearly,the commercial real estate market is significant component of investable wealth in the United states.

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