Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ATM cards(1)

ATM stands for automated teller machine, "teller" being the American and Scottish word for cashier. Such cards are issued to customers, on completion of an application form, and a confidential four-digit personal identification number (PIN) is sent separately a few days after the card. When the customer acknowledges, in writing, receipt of the PIN, the computer is instructed to permit cash withdrawals. These are activated by the card and authenticated by the PIN number being keyed in at the ATM.
the first generation of ATM cards were plastic cards to permit withdrawls from cash dispensers away from branch counters. they now also enable statements and cheque books to be ordered, as well as also giving the balance on the account, and are Known as " dedicated ATM cards". second-generation ATM cards are multifunctional, being also debit cards and cheque guarantee cards. Both first and second generation ATM cards operate on a customer is bank account.
credit card also frequently permit cash withdrawals from ATMs but these, of course, operate on the credit card account and not the bank account.

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